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Zeacann secures first cultivation licence issued under New Zealand's Medicinal Cannabis Scheme

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

Cultivation licence now includes 40+ strains; follows legal acquisition of New Zealand cannabis genetics and delivery of course content for AUT postgraduate paper.

Zeacann has secured the first cultivation licence issued under New Zealand's Medicinal Cannabis Scheme, following a successful audit last month.

It is understood to also be the first licence for high THC cannabis under the new scheme. The new licence includes over 40 mouth-watering strains - the entire T.H.Seeds® catalog.

"The Ministry of Health chose to conduct their fist audit under the scheme at Zeacann's cultivation facility," said Chris Fowlie, CEO of Zeacann. "This is further validation of our overall approach, good relationship with officials, and the high quality of our procedures and documentation."

In addition, Zeacann had already secured New Zealand's first licence to acquire local cannabis genetics.

"That licence allowed Zeacann to procure illicit cannabis plants and seeds from grey-market breeders and suppliers," said Mr Fowlie. "I was privileged to legally transfer these formerly-illicit live cannabis plants and seeds into our licensed cultivation facility."

Chris Fowlie had first proposed this ability to work with local strains in submissions and representations to officials and lawmakers - earning Zeacann a reputation for sensible, pragmatic solutions that help the broader community.

Local cultivars could hold a repository of valuable genetics that could provide local farmers with competitive advantages, such as local acclimatization, pest resistance, or cannabinoid yield.

Among Zeacann's new strains are two purported to be descendants of the legendary Kiwi strain Te Puke Thunder. There are also several local cup winners.

Zeacann plans to operate a nursery supplying grow partners and farmers with high quality cannabis seeds. The local genetics will compliment Zeacann's exclusive supply partnership with Amsterdam-based T.H.Seeds®.

Completing a busy few weeks, Zeacann's Chris Fowlie also presented lectures at Auckland University of Technology (AUT) for their paper, Introduction to Medicinal Cannabis Science.

The post-graduate paper has proven incredibly popular, with 96 students enrolled this semester.

Chris presented lectures on legislation and regulations, and New Zealand's upcoming referendum on legalising the adult use of cannabis. He will next present a lecture on cultivation and breeding, drawing on Zeacann's experience.

"I'm really enjoying having this opportunity to share what I've learned," said Mr Fowlie, who has been made a research fellow at AUT.

"Ensuring New Zealand's medicinal cannabis industry has a well qualified workforce is another step in Zeacann's ambitious plan to be a global leader in the field."

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