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First paper published by AUT and Zeacann's cannabis research team

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Methods for quantification of cannabinoids: a narrative review, published in the Journal of Cannabis Research, contains vital information for the analysis of medicinal cannabis ingredients and products.

Collation of this information is usually closely guarded by industry participants. At Zeacann we believe publishing this information will help everyone in the industry grow and operate to the highest standards, and that's good for us too.

The paper is authored by PhD students Masoumeh Pourseyed Lazarjani and Stephanie Torres, Zeacann COO Thom Hooker and CEO Chris Fowlie, and Owen Young and Ali Seyfoddin of AUT's School of Science.

It discusses the key properties of methods used to analyse cannabinoids including HPLC, UPLC, LC-MS, GC-FID/MS, TLC, FTIR and NMR, including the limits of detection and quantification. Several tables are presented:

  • An overview to the key properties of common GC-MS method for analysing cannabinoids with a capillary column in six different studies

  • Key properties of GC-FID method for analysing cannabinoids with a capillary column in four different studies

  • Key properties of common HPLC methods for analysing cannabinoids in eight different studies

  • Limit of detection and limit of quantification for 5 common cannabinoids using both high performance liquid chromatography and gas chromatography for quantification.

The paper is a hand up to new entrants into New Zealand's medicinal cannabis scheme, and will assist both consulting laboratories and commercial operations who must perform analysis at multiple stages to confirm their manufacturing meet New Zealand's minimum quality standard.

The Journal of Cannabis Research is published by BioMedCentral, part of the Nature stable of titles. The paper is open access, so anyone can read it.

Publication of the research paper is further vindication of Zeacann's exclusive research partnership with Auckland University of Technology (AUT).

In addition to cooperating on research covering the medicinal cannabis supply chain including cultivation, harvesting, drying, extraction and product formulation, Zeacann has also helped AUT develop and deliver a post-graduate paper aimed at up-skilling our local workforce.

These activities reflect Zeacann's science-led approach, our role providing thought leadership and our commitment to resolving supply chain issues and facilitating industry growth with like-minded partners.


Citation: Pourseyed Lazarjani, M., Torres, S., Hooker, T. Fowlie, C., Young, O., Seyfoddin A., Methods for quantification of cannabinoids: a narrative review. Journal of Cannabis Research, 35 (2020).

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