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PharmaCann New Zealand is now Zeacann, with new focus on local production and export markets

Updated: Oct 23, 2018

New Zealand's new medicinal cannabis law, expected to take effect in early 2019, provokes change of name and focus.

"The legislation mandates encouraging a domestic cannabis industry, and that is a massive game changer," said Chris Fowlie, co-founder and CEO.

"We are now focusing on a quicker time frame for building production capacity and helping local patients and pursuing export orders so we can get to scale sooner, but still timed to match the legal and regulatory changes."

As part of this new focus we have recently changed our name: PharmaCann New Zealand is now Zeacann.

"While we still retain PharmaCann branding for our vendor-neutral distribution portal, our new company branding reflects our New Zealand origin and our status as a top-tier company representing the best cannabis that can be produced here," said Mr Fowlie.

"We wanted a brand that really resonates with local patients and allows us to tap into export markets, and we feel Zeacann captures that effectively."

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