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Zeacann partners with CompoundLabs for high quality, customised healthcare products

CompoundLabs, New Zealand's leading producer of high quality, customised healthcare products, has partnered with Zeacann to provide access to medicinal cannabis products.

A mutual service and sales agreement, that has been signed by the CEOs of both companies, makes each company the preferred supplier of the other.

Zeacann will be CompoundLab's preferred supplier of medicinal cannabis ingredients, APIs and finished products. Zeacann will also provide training and expertise to CompoundLabs staff, and will help develop in-house expertise to better serve customers.

CompoundLabs will be Zeacann's preferred supplier of production facilities and pharmacy compounding. CompoundLabs will also provide office and secure facilities for Zeacann staff to operate from.

Further aspects of the agreement remain confidential. In a demonstration of the goodwill and working relationship between the two entities, Zeacann is now headquartered at CompoundLab's premises on Auckland's North Shore.

Zeacann's co-founder Chris Fowlie is excited by the move. "Our strategic partnership with CompoundLabs will let us get products to market sooner, at a lower cost structure."

"While other companies spend millions building bespoke facilities they may never use, we will leverage the incredible expertise and facilities that already exist at CompoundLabs."

The partnership with CompoundLabs complements Zeacann's other partnerships with Auckland University of Technology and Amsterdam-based T.H.Seeds.

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