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Zeacann was established in 2017, initially as PharmaCann New Zealand, to develop an online ordering and compliance portal in response to requests from patient, doctors and pharmacists for a simpler, quicker and more affordable way to access medicinal cannabis products.

Now that New Zealand has legalised medicinal cannabis, with a full prescriber-based scheme that took effect in 2020, Zeacann has accelerated our plans to become a leader in medicinal cannabis production and distribution. 


Zeacann has already conducted research at Auckland University of Technology's Drug Delivery Research Group laying the foundations for the development of a full suite of medicinal cannabis products.

Zeacann recently partnered with CompoundLabs, New Zealand's leading compound pharmacy, to be each other's preferred supplier. The two partners will cooperate on training and education for staff and prescribers.  


Zeacann also operates a nursery with crop buy-back scheme for local growers, using our exclusive access to T.H.Seeds genetics as well as local New Zealand strains we have legally acquired.

Over the longer term we see many opportunities for locally produced high quality products such as topicals, oils, gels, tablets and safer alternatives to smoking. 

To bolster choice and provide options for prescribers and patients, Zeacann will also import and distribute GMP-grade finished products from a selection of the world's best medicinal cannabis producers. 


To simplify the process for prescribers and patients, Zeacann has developed an online portal ( to host a diverse range of Cannabis-Based Products, with a streamlined application process, and full reporting and regulatory compliance built in.

Zeacann helped found the New Zealand Medical Cannabis Council to provide a unified industry voice, enable collaboration and help set industry standards. Zeacann also intends to create and support non-profit advocacy including our Patient-Focused policy, providing clinical guidance to doctors and pharmacists, and promoting public awareness of medicinal cannabis.




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Zeacann's co-founders are at the forefront of the New Zealand industry, with Chris Fowlie a leader in the hemp industry for 20 years and on the front line of legislative reform through industry groups and his standing in the sector.

Zeacann is in the process of assembling a world-class team of appropriately qualified personnel and an advisory board of relevant experts. We are working with international consultants and industry veterans to lay the foundations for Zeacann to become a global cannabis business.

Chris Fowlie

Co-founder and CEO

[email protected]

With extensive experience in the cannabis and hemp industry, Chris has a deep and wide network of contacts. 

Thom Hooker


[email protected]

Thom's strengths are in building companies from the ground-up and creating profitable relationships with key partners and suppliers.

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