Zeacann has ambitious plans to research and develop multiple product formulations and dose delivery methods, to better meet the needs of patients and health practitioners in New Zealand and globally.

Zeacann is patient-focused, and will operate to the highest standards of safety and assurance. Our research partnership with Auckland University of Technology means we are uniquely positioned to develop novel formulations and delivery systems, bringing new products to market in line with patient needs.

Zeacann has also partnered with CompoundLabs, New Zealand's leading compound pharmacy, to be each other's preferred supplier. CompoundLabs will provide office and secure space, and access to laboratory facilities, while Zeacann will provide cannabis-based raw materials and ingredients. The two partners will cooperate on training and education for staff and prescribers.  

In addition to direct manufacture and supply to pharmacies, Zeacann will also licence our unique IP (including cultivation and extraction technology, product formulations and dose delivery methods) to other licensed producers who have the ability to enter the market and can be complemented with our R&D expertise. 

Zeacann intends to produce Cannabis-Based Products using sustainable methods and following operating procedures that are designed to produce standardised levels of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API), such as THC and CBD.


Coming from New Zealand, Zeacann's products will naturally have a "Clean Green " image internationally, with cannabis grown from hydrocarbon-free, fully renewable sources.