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Information for patients, prescribers and pharmacists

The New Zealand government has made the medicinal use of cannabis legal. A full scheme for all patients will be in effect by early 2020, but it's possible to access some products now.

Doctors can prescribe CBD, and some high-THC products, and patients undergoing palliative care can obtain, possess and use illicit cannabis for medicinal purposes. Patients may also import their own CBD that has been prescribed to them, or travel into NZ with limited amounts of cannabis medicines that have been lawfully obtained.


Zeacann is developing a portal to help prescribers and pharmacists navigate the existing rules and the new scheme. The portal, at, will present a range of products that comply with local rules, avoiding the need to search the internet and assess hundreds of product suppliers. The portal will automate any applications that are required and ensure full compliance with regulatory obligations, further reducing reluctance among prescribers. While the portal is still under development, Zeacann's team has assembled this information to help patients, prescribers and pharmacists access medicinal cannabis products now.

Access to medicinal cannabis in New Zealand under the current law


Learn about the new scheme


Search published clinical trials




Dosage and patient safety information


Clinical guidance and continuing education for prescribers and pharmacists

More information

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