Zeacann is a New Zealand company, licenced by the Ministry of Health to cultivate, import and research medicinal cannabis. Zeacann has ambitious plans to lead the development of the burgeoning Kiwi cannabis industry. Here's what makes Zeacann different:


  • Licenced: Zeacann holds licenses to cultivate, import and research high-THC and high-CBD cannabis, and is an applicant for licenses to cover our full range of activities.

  • Research: Zeacann's partnership with Auckland University of Technology puts us in a unique position to research, develop and produce natural cannabis-based products of the highest quality. Our cultivation research will help local growers. Our lab methods will set benchmarks for others to follow. Our products will be evidence based so doctors are comfortable prescribing them.   

  • Import, export and distribution: Zeacann will import finished products to help local patients, develop novel formulations to satisfy unmet patients needs, and target high value exports to reach greater production scale. 

  • Online portal: Zeacann is developing an information portal to connect doctors and pharmacists with products that comply with local rules, reducing prescriber reluctance and increasing access for patients. 

  • Advocacy and support: Zeacann co-founded the New Zealand Medical Cannabis Council to coordinate industry efforts, support regulatory development and ensure members operate to the highest ethical standards. 

  • Patients First: Zeacann's focus is to help patients. Our emphasis is on consumer safety and accessibility. We have a strong desire to improve overall health outcomes by making medicinal cannabis products more affordable and available.

  • Local production: Zeacann is building a network of growers, horticulturalists and farmers to supply consistent, top grade cannabis material for our supply chain.

  • Genetics partnership: Zeacann has access to New Zealand's best cultivars, and an exclusive genetics partnership with T.H.Seeds, one of Amsterdam's longest running and most-awarded seed companies. Our grower network will have access to these proven, highly productive, strains. 

  • Experience and expertise: Zeacann's founders haven't just appeared from nowhere. Chris Fowlie is New Zealand's most experienced cannabis advocate and operates the world's longest running hemp store. Thom Hooker founded a successful internet firm, guiding it through successive capital rounds, and knows how to do business. 




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