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Zeacann urges a positive Yes vote in New Zealand's cannabis referendum

New Zealand cannabis science company Zeacann is urging health professionals, patients and members of the public to support a positive Yes vote in the cannabis referendum.

There are several reasons Zeacann has taken this position:

  • We believe access for medicinal cannabis patients will become easier and cheaper under the referendum model.

  • There would be additional product types and categories, and new access pathways for adults seeking wellness and complimentary products.

  • Legalisation will make education and awareness more straightforward - and more open dialogue between patients and health professionals.

  • The referendum would allow patients to grow their own herbal cannabis, including for therapeutic use, which we believe is an important compassionate measure that recognises the difficulty many patients experience in accessing affordable products.

  • The proposed model will grow the economy and create new opportunities for Zeacann's nursery operations, extraction technology and product R&D.

  • The current prohibition law creates unnecessary and additional harms that outweigh any harms caused by cannabis use itself.

"Zeacann has always put patients first," said Chris Fowlie, CEO of Zeacann. "We strongly encourage voting Yes for the health and wellbeing of New Zealand."

Mr Fowlie is also the president of NORML New Zealand, and the developer of the model for cannabis reform which prioritises social equity.

Early and overseas voting is open, and closes on election day, Saturday 17 October.

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